Basic Service Level

Our most basic form of appraisal and compliance support includes:

Vendor Management

Order Management

UCDP Management*

Limited Appraiser Independence Certificate

*Additional Fee Applies

All Inclusive Service Level


Our All Inclusive Service level includes everything you need to remain compliant:

Vendor Management

Order Management

Correction Requests

Appraisal Reconsideration Process

UCDP Management

Full Appraiser Independence Certificate 

Why Use Us?



We are the industry’s first and only appraisal management company that combines the strengths and resources of a national presence with the expertise and personal touch unique to local management.

  • The industry requires compliance, but that doesn’t mean service should suffer as a result. Arivs prides itself on excelling at both compliance and customer service. We understand that your income comes from closing loans, and that means keeping your realtors and referrals satisfied.

  • With this in mind, here is what you get when you use Arivs:

  • • Arivs has an office run by appraisers and staff who live and work in your area. Your realtors and borrowers will have better trust and peace of mind because of this knowledge.

  • • Your local Arivs office knows your appraisers personally. As such, Arivs appraisers are more committed to getting Arivs appraisals done quickly and done right the first time.

  • • Appraisals with issues and Reconsiderations of Value are looked at by Arivs staff appraisers in the area so that they can work with the appraiser to ensure quality.

  • • Your local Arivs office is flexible and adept in solving appraisal problems and strategizing with your UWs.

  • • Arivs local staff provides more readily available support with real people who answer phones with a skill set that fosters the communication you need immediately.

  • • Arivs staff members work with appraisers to provide consistent, detailed status updates in live time.


  • Our Mission is to provide the highest quality appraisal management across the U.S.

Appraisal Products


Single Family Residential:

Form 1004 - Conventional

Form 1004 - FHA / USDA

Form 2055 - Exterior Only


Form 1073 - Conventional

Form 1073 - FHA / USDA

Form 1075 - Exterior Only

Manufactured Home:

Form 1004C - Conventional

Form 1004C - FHA / USDA

Multi-Family (2-4 Unit):

Form 1025 - Conventional

Form 1025 - FHA / USDA

Final Inspection:

Form 442 - 1004D / CIR - HUD Form 92051


Conventional to FHA

FHA to Conventional

2055 / 1075 Exterior Only to Full 1004 / 1073

Other Services:

Vacant Land

Desk Review

Field Review

Form 1007 - Rent Schedule

Form 216 - Operating & Income Statement

Form 2075 - Desktop Property Inspection Report

Form 1004D - Appraisal Update

Updated Appraisals

Complex Properties (Waterfront, Acreage, Custom, etc.)